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I love my family, friends, and learning! After MIT, I started a company called Secure AI Labs. When I'm not doing CEO things, I'm baking, sporting, or learning mandolin. I try a lot of silly things!

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As of May 1, 2019

Anne Kim is co-founder and CEO of Secure AI Labs, which is based on her graduate work at MIT. She worked with Professor Alex "Sandy" Pentland, principal investigator of the Human Dynamics Group at the MIT Media Lab, on federated learning and blockchain solutions for clinical trial optimization using Open Algorithms (OPAL). Outside of her research, Anne has done a number of different projects in computer science and molecular biology including: quantum chemistry simulations, genome-wide association studies, natural language processing for electronic health records, machine learning, and cyberbiosecurity work with the EFF, ACLU, and DEFCON. Anne sees accessibility to healthcare as a right, and believes that the interface between biology, healthcare policy, and technology is a promising way to achieve that mission.


As of May 1, 2019

Emily Alsetzer, Anne Kim. Extractive Summarization of EHR Discharge Notes

Shifa Zhang, Anne Kim, Dianbo Liu, Sandeep C. Nuckchady, Lauren Huang, Aditya Masurkar, Jingwei Zhang, Pratheek Karnatiz, Laura Martinez, Thomas Hardjono, Manolis Kellis, Zhizhuo Zhang. Genie: A Secure, Transparent Sharing and Services Platform for Genetic and Health Data

Anne Kim. IEEE Blockchain for Clinical Trials White Board Challenge: OPEN Trial Chain

Computational Protein Design. This is a paper I wrote for a high school project during my summer in the New Jersey Governor's School program. We worked with Professor John Khan at Rutgers to investigate Heat Shock Proteins using molecular dynamics simulations using the Desmond super computer. Apologies for the poor paper formatting, since I've lost the original doc.