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Anne Kim Drilling

I love my family, friends, and learning! After MIT, I started a company called Secure AI Labs. When I'm not doing CEO things, I'm baking, sporting, or learning mandolin.

Anne learns the mandolin!

As of Aug 23, 2019

I'm learning how to play the mandolin! Will post more audio clips soon!

Maggie Mae as of Aug 23, 2019

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Hacking Race

As of Aug 23, 2019

Have you ever wondered how "race" and ancestry are "calculated" by 23andMe or Have you ever questioned why your results seemed so "wrong"? Well, in this workshop we'll be building our own admixture (ancestry) reports from publicly available data as well as showing how we can "hack race" to make racial results different with very simple changes to the original “reference populations” defining race. DEF CON Biohacking Village

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Cookie Coin

April 2018

I really want to run the Abbott World Marathon Majors (Tokyo, Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago, and New York). It can be really difficult to register for these marathons because space is very limited. In an effort to run London 2018, I applied for a charity spot through St. Jude children's hospital. The odds were a little better--1000 applicants for 6 charity spots. We were selected on three criteria: ability to run a marathon, interesting story, and charity idea. After 8 years of rowing and some running, I was sure I could train for this! As for the story, I've actually used the St. Jude's dataset for a machine learning project in oncology and really believe in both the research and mission of the hospital. But what would this fit nerd do to raise $10,000?...

I decided to do an Initial Coin Offering--or rather an initial cookie offering.

The concept was called Cookie Coin and the idea was to make a token economy around a weekly series of digital bakesales. Here was the pitch I gave: Cookie Coin Concept.

And it kind of worked!

I actually did a test ico on the ethereum test network. I also worked with St. Jude's IT team at the MIT Bitcoin hackathon to make a couple repos for the token economy around the bakesale. However, the hospital was later uncomfortable with the idea of me launching a cryptocurrency with their branding, so I never got to actually finish up the project. Nevertheless, it was a lot of fun :)